October 29th 2004 - Barney

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October 29th 2004 - Barney

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Friday, October 29th 2004
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picture sd kiss left i'm not sure top was morelock right was limey middle not sure but that is barney with the kiss the cap has to be the same as the reuion that we had. remember the guy to my right liked to party with the engineman
worm/zahler i was oiler for both of them at one time
first westpac i was oiler for worm was a good guy to learn from
bales/bones have pictures of bones but can't remember his name
bales should know
my wife said after we left the hotel that she seen such a friendship of us. very close bunch of guys that respect one another.
so i feel the first commander or someone made this happen to
make us so proud of this SUBMARINE SS323
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