November 12th 2004 - Bill Conner

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November 12th 2004 - Bill Conner

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Friday, November 12th 2004
Bill Conner

I found this site by accident, what a surprise. Since I was the yougest guy on board back in '63, the rest of you guys must be -really- old by now. Fortunately, I'm still just as handsome as always so the years have been kind.

I lost track of the Caiman after I left the Navy so I wasn't expecting to find any current information. Finding this website was pretty neat. I was talking to a guy the other day and the military came up and got me thinking about the old days. To me it had just been another stage of my life that I got through and the stuff that came after kind of blotted it out. Now I'm wasting several hours going over the website. Guess it still matters.

Most of the guys I served with were ok most of the time and most of my experiences were good ones. I think I still owe Ryan $10 but, in 1963 dollars that's only about 20 cents so I'm not too worried about it. I haven't talked much about my military service over the years because it didn't seem particularly relevant to anything but finding this site makes me remember stuff. We'll see where it leads.

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